Asu Pathway Agreement

MyPath2ASU™ is a new set of custom tools that allow students to move from Community College to ASU. It makes the transmission of colleges smooth by allowing students to plan their journey to move to their main domain at the ASU by occupying the appropriate classes. Your MAPP, TAG or GPA agreement has been updated for a MyPar2ASU™. No change is necessary. Follow the progress towards the conclusion of your MAPP MyPath2ASU via the Pathway tracker. Find out how the courses meet the requirements of the trails. Click Pathway Tracker from My ASU. ASU has partnerships that will help you make a smooth transfer to university by discovering the courses you need to take and that will be transferred to your main ASU subject. If you sign up for a trail program, you save time and money so you don`t take courses you don`t need. If the admission requirements are met, you have guaranteed acceptance of your ASU course. Introduction of MyPath2ASU™ – a series of tailored tools that transfer students to U.S. regionally accredited institutions (including international students who are transferred by regionally accredited institutions).

MyPath2ASU™ creates a flawless transfer experience at ASU after obtaining credits or an associate degree at a community college or university in the United States. Choose from more than 400 paths in an on-site or online ASU study program and have access to personalized benefits that will help you navigate your transfer experience. Plan a path to your main part of your choice by taking classes transferred to the ASU – which shortens your time until the end of your degree. A simple and fluid transition to one of the 10 largest universities in the country for bachelor`s education – it`s MyPath2ASU™. Non-governmental and private universities. There are countless opportunities for students considering switching to non-governmental institutions (public or private) and local or private online institutions. These four-year colleges and universities offer a variety of benefits such as flexible planning, scholarships for maricopa transfer students and generous transfer credit policies. Visit the list of university partners to learn more about 40 institutions with formal transfer agreements with Maricopa Community Colleges, and explore the Online Transfer Centre to learn more about transfer events, scholarships and consulting resources.

What is MyPath2ASU™ and what is the impact on my MAPP, TAG or GPA agreements? Everyone is a different path to getting the bachelor`s degree. Even though you may not be eligible now, we have developed ways to help you get a bachelor`s degree at Arizona State University in the future. If you signed a TAG contract before the summer of 2017, you will find your curriculum framework. General admission to higher education is guaranteed if the following conditions are met:1) Obtaining an associate degree from a regionally accredited higher education institution with at least 2.00 GPA combined (Arizona residents) or 2.50 Cumulative GPA (non-residents) 2) 2) 24 or more than 24 semesters transferable to high school with a minimum cumulative transfer of 2.50 (4.00-A) and verification of the high school diploma or the corresponding diploma. NOTE: Some ASU colleges and schools have additional or higher requirements for admission to their main levels. Students must also apply to Arizona State University, including tuition fees and other necessary documents, such as official university or university protocols.B.