Canada-Nova Scotia Job Fund Agreement

24. Canada and Nova Scotia agree on an accountability framework for funds made available under this Agreement, which includes the following elements: 6.2 Nova Scotia will, as soon as possible after the signing of this Agreement, conduct an audit of the location of existing Government of Canada services to confirm the service agreements described in Annex 3. 20.3 Canada and Nova Scotia agree to cooperate in providing opportunities for announcements, ceremonies, celebrations and reporting so that representatives of Canada and Nova Scotia can clearly express the role of each government in supporting Nazi activities and activities. Canada and Nova Scotia will jointly develop public information materials and jointly organize and participate in any public communication relating to the signing of this Agreement and all agreements referred to in the Annexes to be signed in the future. 5.5 Canada and Nova Scotia agree to enter into a separate service level agreement that sets out security systems and requirements. Every Canadian deserves a fair and equal chance to succeed in the workforce. Through smart investments like the provincial agreements announced today, we can strengthen our middle class and help more people who are working so hard to join it. 8. Nova Scotia agrees to use the resources allocated under this Convention to support its eligible programs: 16. 1. Any payment made by Canada under this Agreement shall involve the use of funds by the Parliament of Canada and the maintenance of current and planned funding levels for personnel development agreements for the fiscal year in which the payment is to take place. In the event that the Department of Finance Canada reduces the amount of personnel development agreements for a fiscal year in which the payment is to be made in accordance with this Agreement or if Parliament reduces the total funding of the programs of the Department of Employment and Social Development Canada for the fiscal year in which the payment is to be made, Canada may, during that fiscal year, reduce the amount of its budget under this Agreement.

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