Tasha's Surfcamp presents.. 

Learn to fly above water!


Join our workshop efoiling....

With this electric surfboard you

can fly over the ocean..   



Want to learn to fly? 


In collaboration with 2Foil we offer you this workshop 'efoiling'. 

With the help of our instructors you learn to ride an electric surfboard: an efoil .

It's the ultimate feeling of freedom, that you want to experience!





We give you the safety instructions and we learn you how to surf and ride with the efoil. You first want to learn the basics of this new, cool surfsport and take your time for it.




Efoiling is not that difficult and it's accessible for most people. While the electric motor pushes your through, you learn to ride the surfboard. You can ride up to 25 km / hour!




Most people learn to ride and fly the efoil in about 15-30 minutes. That feeling that all sounds disappear and that you are flying above the water. Don't you love that? That's freedom. 


 Wanna learn to fly with an efoil? 


Join our workshop Efoiling..

Its a group class and we ll teach you everything

that you need to fly above the ocean.


11 july 2021

24 july 2021


Tasha's Surfcamp is one of the best surf schools which I ever visited. I love the energy & friendly team there. All teachers do there best. During the group lessons it’s always very personal with each of us. Wonderful location. Always good organization of events. Thank You Guys! can’t wait till next lessons

Katie Katerina

a client & now surfer