Rams Psl Agreement

A federal judge has approved the $24 million deal agreement between PSL holders and the St. Louis Rams. The agreement provides that PSL`s 20,000 owners will receive 30 percent of the price they paid for tickets. So far, we have been told that about 43% of PSL owners have approved their rights. Click below to read the final order and settlement agreement: “This transaction is a matter of fairness,” said attorney Ryan Bruning. PSL holders paid for 30 years of NFL football in St. Louis, but were only 21 years old. They should get their money back for the football years they paid for but never received it. As part of this agreement, they will do so. Bruning said the settlement agreement now needs to be approved by the court. “If that`s the catch, the original PSL holders will get 30 percent of their money back, which means some PSL holders will receive thousands of dollars,” Bruning said. The agreement aims to reimburse PSL holders 30 per cent of the total amount they paid for their PSLs. PSLs were a one-time fee paid by Rams fans to purchase permanent cards.

Others cite similar programs that existed before 1987 among many university fundraising activities. However, the first programs were tax-deductible donations to a scholarship fund, in which case the main “Quid pro-quo” was between the gift and the resulting deduction, not between the gift and the actual seat rights. If you are a PSL holder and have not yet filed a claim, go to www.RamsPSLClassActionSettlement.com to submit your claim.