Road Hazard Plus Agreement Sears

I was then told to do things right, it would cost an additional $150.00 plus the cost of another orientation. The mechanic worked very hard to get it in the specifications; However, I find it scandalous that I have been charged the price I have been charged. If I had known the real price before, I would have put the spherical joints on myself, and then I would have brought them back to alignment. Those boys! Without my permission, they charged me an additional $22 per tire ($88.00) for “road risk plus deal.” You will never have my stuff again. Exploiting people while times are tough. I`m done with Sears. While you`re buying tires, you might be offered road cover for your new “investment” or pressured to buy them (as if you were buying real estate or gold). Some stores, including BJ`s, Costco, and Sam`s Club, offer this type of coverage for free, but many charge an additional $40 to $US 75 to cover a set of four tires. The protection covers damage to tyres due to road hazards during normal driving. In other words, if you get an apartment caused by a nail, glass or other street waste, the company promises to repair or, if necessary, replace it. But if you get an apartment, accidentally walk on a sidewalk or other mistakes caused by the driver, you will receive Bupkis.

And these plans never pay for the failure of the worn tread; This type of problem is poorly covered by the manufacturer`s warranty. The closest car centers we found were north of Columbus, Ohio and Huntington West Virginia, a two-hour drive. Is there a (current) class action or what can we do to take legal action (for this purpose)? What can you do to help us and the countless 100 (perhaps thousands) others who have the same or similar problems with these carefree wolves? $900 is a lot of money for most of us: plus all the frustration involved in trying to draw these people`s attention to how not to treat people, especially customers who have spent thousands, hundreds of thousands (+) of dollars to keep their business alive. Not to mention the fact that the same rude representatives of Mgrs and Customer Care are only employed because of our money for products and services that, in this case, are both defective. After leaving the store, I always had the tire warning light on my dashboard. I walked around the parking lot and went back to the store and let them know that I still had the warning light. The same employee who put on my tires told me they had to disappear as soon as my tires started rolling. Even after I got home, the warning light was still shining, which in turn explained its lack of training, as my tires were still low at around 35psi when the recommended pressure is 44psi. I could have left for my road trip earlier than expected and found myself in an accident due to his poor training, judgment and lack of interest in doing a good job.