Sap Vistex Agreement Tcode

NOTE: Structural pricing is supported in the framework contract and revisions. However, it is not possible to reserve a revision with structural pricing to create or modify a framework contract. Hello, what are the tables to save the agreement modification protocol in Vistex. I am trying to remove the data by 01/01/2017 all changes to existing agreements. The framework contract uses the same configuration as the main order, except that the use is the main contract and values are entered for the revision types. The vistex-Master Request brings together several price elements for analysis purposes in a workbench. A master query allows you to create “editions” to track changes in rules and reservations. However, if you need the ability to distinguish between offers and offers, or if you need to follow changes to legally binding documents, you can use the framework contract to modify a master requirement with full tracking. Hello, I want to know more about the technical developments of vistex. Improved retrobooking and purchase. Please help me New for version 6.0E SP6, master contracts contain functions similar to those of master queries, but also “revisions” that can provide tracking and data permissions. The Framework Contract Revisions tab lists all revisions created in this Framework Agreement for a selected revision status.

Deaccounting for a revision changes the data in the framework contract. Indeed, the revision is a question of framework contract. * We can improve the BADI by creating a new z implementation (as we do in the ECC). E. Standard message types for Vistex IDOC /IRM/CHGBACKS -> Chargeback /IRM/PC_AGRMNTS -> Contract You are reviewing your request. Please, please wait for an answer….