Services Agreement Between Parent And Subsidiary Template

This Intercompany Service Agreement (this “Agreement”) will be effective on July 1, 2007 (the “Effective Date”) between Lumera Corporation, a Delaware company (“Lumera”) and Plexera Bioscience LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“Plexera”). This amendment to intercompany`s service agreement (this “Amendment”), which was adopted as of this 14Th this Intercompany Service Agreement dated May 4, 2010 will be effective by and between Cox Enterprises, Inc., a Delaware company (“CIS”) and, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“ATC”), amends this Intercompany Service Agreement of May 4, 2010 from and between the IEC and aTC (the “Agreement”). This Amendment No. 1 (“Amendment”) to intercompany`s Service Agreement comes into force on the 15th Effective date and between RiverSource Life Insurance Company (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) and Ameriprise India Private Limited (hereinafter “Service Provider”). This intercompany services agreement (this “Agreement”) will be entered into on January 19, 2006 between Language Line, LLC, a delaware limited liability company, on behalf of itself and its subsidiaries (together “LL US”) and Language Line Ltd, a limited liability company founded under the laws of England and Wales (“LL UK” and with LL US, the “Parties”). This INTERCOMPANY SERVICES AGREEMENT WILL BE ENTERED INTO From the date of 2016 by and between SOBC Services Company Limited, an intercompanying Connecticut Service Agreement (“Agreement”), which will enter into force on the day of and between [the Identifying Parties], Considering that each of the above companies is and wishes to be a member of a group of insurers, that this Intercompany Services Agreement (this “Agreement”) will enter into force from 30 May, 2019 (the “Effective Date”) of Medigus Ltd., a company founded under the laws of the State of Israel (“Parent Company”) and ScoutCam Ltd, a subsidiary of the parent company founded under the laws of the State of Israel (“Company”).