Social Security Agreement Between Australia And Canada

1. For the purposes of Section A of the written contract, the competent authority of Australia and the institution responsible for the Netherlands may: 6. For the purposes of paragraph 3, where one person or his or her partner is entitled to a Canadian benefit, the total amount of Canadian benefits to be paid to that person and his partner, distributed equally among them and distributed equally among them in the calculation of the calculation of Canadian benefits to be paid to each other this person and his partner, and for the calculation of the calculation of the Canadian benefit, their respective income and the amount thus distributed are deducted from the amount of the Australian benefit which would otherwise be paid to each of them. (1) The provisions of an international agreement on social security, however, have an effect in the social security law. 2. The competent authorities may extend in writing, for each worker, the four-year period covered in paragraph 1, point d), for a maximum of two years. (a) contain provisions guaranteeing, in new Zealand, compliance with the safeguards provided by New Zealand data protection legislation in the information reconciliation agreements and the compliance of agreements with New Zealand`s data protection provisions; 1. Where a person is entitled to a benefit under New Zealand Social Security law (including a person who would be entitled under section 8), that person is considered, for the purposes of this application, to be habitually domiciled and residing in New Zealand and staying in New Zealand if: iii. which must be defined in an information reconciliation agreement within the meaning of section 99 of the Data Protection Act 1993; and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is also honoured to point out that the request is acceptable to the Australian government and that the High Commission`s note and note in the response are jointly an exchange of notes to order that correct the errors of the agreement. 2. Subject to Article 29, the Social Security Agreement between Australia and Spain, signed on 10 February 1990, will expire as soon as this agreement enters into force.

(a) disclosure of laws that affect the application of this agreement and which modify, supplement or replace the social security legislation of their respective contracting parties immediately after the replacement of the previous legislation; 2. For the sole purpose of this article, the concept of “benefit” includes job search, new departure and sickness benefits payable under Australian social security legislation. 1. For the purposes of this party, the competent authorities may, in writing, amend and replace the agreement reached in Canberra on 28 March 2001, which provides for the agreement reached on 28 March 2001 in Canberra as amended, as far as they intend and apply. (i) in the case of a single person, the maximum amount of the benefit (deducted from a percentage agreed from time to time in writing by the competent authorities and published in the New Zealand scoreboard) to be paid to a single person living alone under New Zealand`s social security law; and (2) The regulations in paragraph 1 cannot come into force one day earlier than the day the agreement amending Australia comes into force.