Enjoy the good vibes 

at our surfsafari in Portugal


Come surfing with us in Portugal 

and improve your surfing!

Make new friends,

while surfing fun waves in Peniche!



A beautiful surf journey in Portugal

Surfing the waves of Peniche, Portugal. With the sun on your face, you glide down that wave. You feel a mix of adrenaline, excitement and happiness. Finally you were able to get that wave, that makes your day!


You take a shower and wipe the sand of your feet. At the bar your surfbuddy's are already waiting with a fresh cold beer and together you watch the sunset. Surfing in Portugal is something amazing, that you want to experience. The food, the wine and mostly the surf. There's no place better. Wanna come?

From 16-23 october 2021 we are going surfing in Peniche and Ericeira. With the help of our surfguides you will find the most beautiful waves of Portugal. We will teach you how to surf too! You get proper surf classes and we show you were to go.


Are you coming?

Only a few spots lefts!



16- 23 October 



Come surfing with Tasha's Surfcamp


Tasha’s Surfcamp is about passion. Passion for surfing, for the ocean and for the people that we work with. We love surfing and we love to teach surfing. It’s not about performance, but its about having fun in the ocean. When you have fun, you will improve your surfing for sure. We work with small groups and we want to give personal attention to all of you.


Tasha’s Surfcamp was founded by Natasha Smit, a Dutch surfer and coach from Scheveningen. She has travelled the world and gave classes in many places, but she decided to create her own surfschool in Scheveningen.  Backed by our foundation we organize surf and yoga retreats in Scheveningen, Texel and other countries like Portugal, Morocco and France. 


Special Offer Surfsafari Portugal


Seven nights in our surfhouse in Peniche

  Professional Surf classes 

Yoga & Meditation

Roadtripping along the different surfspots in Peniche

Sunset sessions, progress in your surfing and great vibes guaranteed!


Temporary for not €800 but only €600!

A free, flexible adventure


At this surfcamp in Peniche you can do a lot and nothing is obliged. The structure is free and flexible. Every night we will decide where we are going to surf the next day. In Peniche, Ericeira or Lisbon. 


We are going roadtripping! We will go surfing on different surfspots around the Portugese coastline! Go surfing in the morning or do a sunset session in the evening. It’s all possible. We will look for the best waves and drive to different surf spots. Your surfguide Natasha Smit knows exactly where to be with the right wind and waves.


Learn to surf

We will teach you to surf! If you are a beginner you canalso  join this surfcamp and learn to surf. You ll get surf classes and we will teach you the basics of surfing.




One of the best surf schools which I ever visited. I love the energy & friendly team there. All teachers do there best. During the group lessons it’s always very personal with each of us. Wonderful location. Always good organization of events. Thank You Guys! can’t wait till next lessons

Katie Katerina

a client & now surfer



Excellent surfschool, the teachers don't only teach you to get up on your board, there is a strong focus on mind set, reading the ocean and overall surf safety. So much so, there is now a dedicated safety class with recovery training. Teachers are friendly and make sure to give everyone advice. 

Siebe Ekels




Awesome surfschool with very Good organisaties and experienced instructors with lessons For all levels in small groups. So you got a lot of coaching during the lessons. They also create a nice surfcommunity with the surfcamps. Looking forward to the next surfcamp!! 

Janneke Jonker