Surfing & the cold

Feel your innerstrength


Skip that winter depression and play with the cold.

With the workshop ‘Surfing & the Cold’ you connect to your innerpower.

Embrace the cold &, learn to surf in wintertime.

Balance on the waves, connect to nature

and get inspired by this workshop in the Zuiderstrandtheater. 



 Connect to your innercore by surfing in winter

Due to all modern technologies we have lost our balance between the warmth and the cold. In the winter we curl up in front of the fireplace or 

we suffer from a winter depression.


But we can also learn to embrace the cold. To surf in the North Sea and to experience what the cold does to your body. Let’s not hibernate, but go outside and face the elements.


The balance between strong and soft, yin & yang, between the cold and the warmth. We need that. By surfing in winter or diving in the ocean you connect to nature. You connect to yourself.


Join us in these inspiring workshop Surfing & the Cold. Where we combine a number of different elements: Surfing (in winter), yoga, meditation and cold water training. By following this workshop you'll change your relationship to the winter! You ll learn to love the beautiful winterwonderland that Holland can be. 


By connecting to nature, to the waves and yourself, you ll feel more in balance. You feel your innerstrength. With your feet in the sand and by connecting to the earth, you find your peace. Surfing and nature has a grounding effect.  And most of all: its fun!


Are you coming?


Only a few spots lefts!



29 october 2022

27 november 2022

3 december 2022


time schedule: 11h-17h

lunch and wetsuits etc = included 


Claim your spot now and book your workshop in Scheveningen.  


Come surfing with Tasha's Surfcamp


Tasha’s Surfcamp is about passion. Passion for surfing, for the ocean and for the people that we work with. We love surfing and we love to teach surfing. It’s not about performance, but its about having fun in the ocean. When you have fun, you will improve your surfing for sure. We work with small groups and we want to give personal attention to all of you.


Tasha’s Surfcamp was founded by Natasha Smit, a Dutch surfer and coach from Scheveningen. She has travelled the world and gave classes in many places, but she decided to create her own surfschool in Scheveningen.  Backed by our foundation we organize surf and yoga retreats in Scheveningen, Texel and other countries like Portugal, Morocco and France. 

Program of our Workshop Surfing & the Cold


A professional surfclass with Tasha's Surfcamp

Yoga & Meditation on a beautiful location: Zuiderstrandtheater

Cold Water training : learn to love & embrace the cold. 

Feel your innerstrength, your innerfire. 

Get a deeper understanding of the ocean. Connect to nature

A delicious lunch in Zuiderstrandtheater.







Become one with the cold. 

Feel your innerpower, feel the power of nature.  


With cold water training you don't only change your relationship to the cold, but you also learn to deal with stress.








Connect to the energy of the ocean. Learn to ride the waves 

and get in touch yourself, 

with your innercore. 


We will give you a proper surf class and we ll teach you 

how to surf in winter. 






Listen to your body, be in  the here and now.


This is the relaxing part of our workshop. Be gentle and soft with yourself. 


Feel your body and 

connect to your inner you. 

Find your innerpeace. 

Get coaching from Natasha Smit


Natasha Smit is a Peak Performance Coach who inspires people to live a life full of passion, to master their emotions and to live up to their fullest potential.


She is a successful entrepreneur who holds inspirational events all over the world. She has a Bachelor and Masters degree in Sociology and played water polo for the Dutch national team. 


Natasha was able to manifest her dream life next to the beach after learning tools that enabled her to step into the most powerful version of herself.


She is a very experienced surf coach and she has been teaching surfing for more than 10 years.  Today Natasha is passionate about helping her clients to connect their innercore, to their true selves.  

To master their emotions and to connect to the best version of themselves so they can create a life full of passion and purpose.

Join our warm and loving community :)



One of the best surf schools which I ever visited. I love the energy & friendly team there. All teachers do there best. During the group lessons it’s always very personal with each of us. Wonderful location. Always good organization of events. Thank You Guys! can’t wait till next lessons

Katie Katerina

a client  & now surfer


Excellent surfschool, the teachers don't only teach you to get up on your board, there is a strong focus on mind set, reading the ocean and overall surf safety.

So much so, there is now a dedicated safety class with recovery training.

Teachers are friendly and make sure to give everyone tailored advice.

Siebe Ekels



Natasha is top, patient and she also pushes you to get the best out of yourself.  She looks at your potential and starts working from there. Her coaching is very accessible and I definitely recommend it.