Tenancy Agreement Siapa Bayar

Looks after the interior of the property, the floor or surface of the wall and ceiling and all the owner`s glues or equipment, including doors, windows, mirrors, window coverings, locks, power lines, faucets for lamps and electricity and other perishable items or fittings installed, so that these objects are in clean and orderly condition. The tenant undertakes to replace property that has been damaged, lost or damaged by malicious acts or omissions, negligence or negligence committed by the tenant or a party, and only in the event of damage or loss to the lessor, his representative or his employee or a person directly or indirectly resulting from the deterioration of part of the property , the tenant is solely responsible and relieves the lessor of any liability for any claim and any legal action that the tenant takes alone and relieves the landlord of any responsibility for any claim and legal action that has brought to the master. I want to rent a store, but no meters or power… the tenant paid tnb for the installation of a new electricity meter on behalf of the tenant for an amount of 1,500 RM (900 main cable installation fees, 300 ssp and 300 deposits). I want to know if my 900 and 300p salaries are the ones I have to pay, or the tenants, because the tenant installs a new meter in his name??? Is liable and pays the lessor any damage caused to the property or any other part of the landlord or the nearby building caused by the negligence of the tenant and pays the loss and repair of all damage suffered by the lessor as a result of the collapse or non-compliance with the tenant`s confirmations contained in this contract , and assumes the responsibility of the lessor for any act that has been created by the owner. , fees on fees and the resulting expenses. If I have already rented a place and the owner fails to repair the toilet water heaters for the last 8 months… Tenants have the right not to pay the rent until the problem is resolved, or can move by terminating the contract. Any suggestions? In general, in a rental contract, there are a number of mandatory business that must be indicated, such as z.B.: The room was clean and clean. The responsibility of the one who is repaired in the door depends on the agreement that the tenant and the landlord sign.