Tenant Lawn Care Agreement

As a property owner, you want to make sure your lawn is beautiful, healthy and well maintained. It is recommended that you discuss your concerns and expectations with a future tenant, as well as documenting your agreed terms in your rental agreement or lease. Our Real Property Management specialists offer 3 different strategies for lawn care; Self-service, full service and an à la carte agreement. There are pros and cons for all three strategies and you want to make sure you take into account all the rules, regulations and laws in your local communities and homeowners` associations (ASAs). If you are entering into a self-service agreement, read some of our articles like the Ultimate Guide to Trimming Bushes Tenants and Residents, since our office is not licensed to practice law in any state, we cannot answer questions regarding landlords/tenants or other laws or contracts, including individual rental issues. For assistance with these articles, please contact your local lawyer, the Fair Housing Authority or other available tenant representation programs. While there may be laws about the appearance of a lawn or real estate, lawn care agreements are largely determined by location and the local market. It is not very wise not to accept pets on your property, because 60% of tenants consider their pets as their children, you would lack good tenants. The rental pool will be very limited if you have a “No Pet” rule on your property. However, to limit pet damage in your beautiful garden, you can always rappel down an area for pets. In this way, the damage remains on one street corner and tenants can take responsibility for that area. A small patch reserved for pets and their needs will relieve you of a lot of stress.

Most tenants with pets are used to cleaning according to their pets, so abseiling down from a pet area also makes things easier for them. As a homeowner, it probably doesn`t matter to you how to structure your lawn care while you rent out your home. However, if you`re buying a property with this intention, think about the best farm modifications you can make to help yourself, a home manager, if any, and a tenant. Your city or county probably has laws regarding rest periods throughout the city.