University Of Saskatchewan Collective Agreement Faculty

More than 1,100 University of Saskatchewan science staff have joined the Public Service Alliance of Canada and will now benefit from improved working conditions and free collective bargaining. A normal meeting place for teachers, trainers and laboratory trainers: “It is inspiring to see that while this federal government is working to deprive workers and unions in this country of workers` and trade unions` rights, they are mobilizing, organizing and demanding respect for workers.” Delay in notifying scientific staff of decisions made regarding ICS, performance increases and/or promotions. Article 18.8 immediately states the need for a union on campus, Michelle Desveaux, teaching assistant and union organizer for the first time, gives details of the appeal procedure. After working as a teaching assistant in a unionized environment, she noticed that U of S university workers did not know where to go with their problems, received lower salaries and did not receive the right training. March 26, 2019: University of Regina Academic Bargaining – Attempt Agreement Reached (217 KB) . This new bargaining unit joins a handful of others already working on the U of S campus, including the University of Saskatchewan Faculty Association, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, the Saskatchewan Professional Association of Internal Residents and Residents, and the Association of Administrative and Supervising Employees. The bargaining unit was certified by the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board on April 23, 2015 and includes all students employed at the U of S, including teaching assistants, fellows, student assistants and scientific assistants. Academic workers voted 96% to join the PSAC. Desveaux stated that students overwhelmingly supported the union and expressed many of the same concerns, including unpaid overtime, low or stagnant wages, discrimination on campus, fear of effects, and lack of engineering and applied science faculty training (416 KB) delay for university staff is not due for a results review, to request a performance review June 4, 2019: Collective Agreement 2017-2021 Information sheet, U of R Academic Term, Tenured and Tenure-Track Staff Members (441 KB) The reorganized bargaining unit will join 22,000 PSAC members in 51 other units negotiating at 24 Canadian universities. For Marianne Hladun, Regional Executive Vice-President of the PSAC Prairie region, the success of this new unit is proof that unions are stronger than ever, despite relentless attacks from the federal government. CGIs that are awarded to university staff, which are not verified Deadline for Dean or equivalent to inform academic staff of the sabbatical decision 24 June 2019: URFA files a complaint about the add One/Drop One implementation (210 KO ) for university staff delay in cancelling a Sabbath that has already been granted “I spoke with a few friends who work at Carleton University and their jaws fell when I mentioned the fact that we were not unionized and our salary.” The University of Regina Faculty Association became a certified union in May 1977, when the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board appointed it a bargaining partner for the University of Regina`s academic staff.