Surf the waves of life


Let's live in flow. 

Learn to ride the waves. 

The waves of the ocean and the waves of life. 













A personal note... 


I was coaching a few girls last year and I recognized some of their patterns from when I was young. Over thinking everything, panicking and not knowing how to be or how to act. On the outside I would act happy and kind, but on the inside I didn’t feel like I belonged.


On the outside everything looked fine. I was playing water polo on top level, studying at the university and had lots of friends. But I wasn’t happy on the inside. It felt like I was acting, instead of being my true self. 


I remember this one time, when I was sitting in the cafeteria of a swimming pool. I was surrounded by people and yet I felt so alone. I remember crying my eyes out and nobody seemed to care. At least, that’s how it felt like. I felt so out of place. 


Of course there is a bigger story behind there, with my mum passing away. But I know how it its to feel like you don’t belong. To feel disconnected from the world, your friends, family and more important, to feel disconnected from yourself.


By following several personal development programs and a big dive into surfing, yoga and meditation I learned to deal with those patterns. I learned to master my emotions and to give directions to my thoughts. To  connect with my innercore, that is the base of everything. To feel happy, balanced and strong. 


That's why I have created this program called Surfing the Waves of Life. For people like you. To grow, connect and to be happy from on the inside.


Your life might feel out of balance right now. And I also know that you don’t have to be there. There is a way to feel connected again. To live in alignment with your own values and your own truth.  To create your own life, your own bubble, in which you feel happy, loved and alive. Are you curious to know more?



So what are some of the characteristics that you might recognize?


Too much in your head. Creating a negative loop, thought pattern -> Why don’t you just stop those negative thoughts? You don’t know how.

Feeling overwhelmed, sometimes even panic or despair. Having a lot of emotions that go up and down and you don’t know how to solve that. 


You might fix it by overeating, drinking or another fix. That makes you feel even more worthless. You have tried everything to fix it.

Sometimes you can feel really alone. You have friends but you don’t really connect to them. 


You are not good in relationships and don’t really know how to communicate your feelings or needs.


 You don’t really understand your own feelings so how could you talk about it to somebody else?

You might travel everywhere and still feel restless. But no place feels like home. 


There is a deeper problem behind this: you are missing a deeper connection to yourself and the environment around you.

Let's grow together!


So, that’s cool Tash.  You ‘re just pointing out all my troubles. 

Well, thanks for that. No, I just want you to become aware. 


And to let you know that there is a solution, a way out.

 And not just by talking or some vague bullshit, but by actually doing it. 

By learning, growing and putting it into practice. 


We are going to learn to surf the waves of life!

With a practical toolbox in which we combine surfing ,yoga, 

mindfulness exercises, breathwork, 

 mental training and  some spiritual groundedness 


So this is not just a psychological talk, in which we sit and talk. 

 By combining personal growth with surfing and yoga we are taking it to the next level. 


You go out of your comfortzone and you will get challenged. 

In the ocean and the waves. In the surf and on a mental level. 


But it also gives so many opportunities to grow. 

To connect with your body, the ocean and your innercore.

To feel strong, powerful, and balanced from the inside. 

The 4 elements of the Waves of Life


Our coaching program is not just a vague chitchat 

We are guiding you to the next step and we want you to combine your body, mind and spirit. 

We really believe in connecting them together and integrating them into our system.



get into your body with surfing, yoga and breathwork




learn to structure your thoughts & stories. Be the conscious creator of your own mind



get a conscious, helicopter view. Connect to your own core, nature



 you get practical tools that 

work in your everyday life



You want to get out of your head and into your body. 

To let go of that chatter in your monkey mind and start living from your heart. 

To live your passions and make them happen.


To create the life that you want to live 

and not just the life that society or your parents have planned out for you. 

We want you to become the conscious creator of your own life

and stop being a victim of your own or other people's feelings and thoughts. 

You can think, feel and believe whatever you want and create your life with it. 


Some reviews of our clients..



I have been doing sports on high level for a big part of my life. As an athlete you are "trained" to keep on going, to ignore certain feelings and to push emotions away. There is no room for it during (competition)season. Walls have been build there over years. 


At the start of the programm one of the first questions "what do you do to love yourself more?" totally freaked me out. I couldn't answer it, I didn't know and I felt bad about not knowing it. However, I was curious where this panic came from so I entered the course. 


The program helped me to get more in touch with my needs and feelings. I've learned how to be more kind towards myself (both in language as in actions) and how to love myself more. 


In babysteps I am breaking down parts of the wall. It sounds big but I start feeling again. Sometimes it is scary as shit, but knowing that there is always guidence and that the group is there for support gave me a safe and comfort feeling. 


To be honest, I had never expected this personal growth to happen. It's a course of only 8 weeks, but it can change your perspective of your (future) life.







Have you ever been at cross roads and looked for someone to help you sort out the blur in your head and soul?


Then look no more - Natasha offers a personal growth course that provides you not only with an amazing and caring support group but also teaches you tools to understand yourself better, your emotions and thoughts, your reactions and deflectors, but most importantly also how to take care of and reconnect with your inner child.

I had the chance to re-write my life completely, build a master plan with the groups help and learned to appreciate and live in the “here and now” more.


But the cool thing about Natashas course is that you are not just taught a lot of incredibly useful tools in theory, but that you get to practice them in a safe environment and benefit from the groups and Natasha’s vast personal experience too!


 On top of it all Natasha’s approach combines mental food for thought with physical aspects by teaching breathing methods, encourages and guides you to healthy habits such as yoga and meditation and combines it with the love for surfing and the healing effects of the ocean!


So, if you are ready to ride the waves of life - I can highly recommend Natasha and her class .. but be aware - disclaimer- it might change your life forever! It surely has mine and I am forever grateful!




So what's next


Schedule a strategic coaching session with us

Get clear on what you want to create, who you want to become

What is holding you back?  

What do you have to let go of in order to create your dream life. 


So what do you get?


 when your follow our program Surfing the Waves of Life



* Make better decisions in work & personal life.

* You know how to deal with your fears, feelings , doubts etc

* More energy, feel more fit, your body and mind are in balance

* You become a powerful, conscious creator of your own life

* You get support of our community





More in detail:



Better at relationships


Communicate better

Understand more

Give back



Create a meaningful life

Live from your own intentions, ideas

Live your own purpose, instead of living somebody else’s life.



More productive

Manage your own thoughts, energy 

->  earn more money!

 Create your own work, do what you want


More energy, fit

Eat healthy, exercise and feel good in your body

Know how to influence your own body

Yin Yang: balance between parasympatic and sympathic nervous system.

Got chaos in your life?

With this toolbox it's easier to deal with a crisis/ pandemic

Can always find your way back to your own core, faith

You are still the conscious creator of your life

Get coaching from Natasha Smit


Natasha Smit is a Peak Performance Coach who inspires women to live a life full of passion, to master their emotions and to live up to their fullest potential.


She is a successful entrepreneur who holds inspirational events all over the world. She has a Bachelor and Masters degree in Sociology and played water polo for the Dutch national team.


Natasha was able to manifest her dream life next to the beach after learning tools that enabled her to step into the most powerful version of herself.


Today Natasha is passionate about helping her clients to master their emotions, to overcome their limiting beliefs, and to connect to the best version of themselves so they can create a life full of passion and purpose.


So how does the future you look like? 

And what are some of the results that our clients have got out of this program?


  Feel lighter in life


Make good decisions


Can master her emotions, feelings and thoughts


Trusts her gut, instinct


Has great relationships (can give!)


Can be vulnerable and tough when needed


Feels fit, energetic, full of life


Creates her own life, with her own intentions


 Lives in full alignment with herself and her own purpose


Get your spot!


Starting at the 29th of november.. 



We have a few spots left in our next program Surfing the waves of life.


This is our one time offer:

 8 x Weekly online mental training

 Live yoga & meditation session 

2 Surf classes on your own level

Personal guidance by Natasha Smit 

by whatsapp or phone

Daily motivation

Accountability and connection with the group so that you will really do it.