Prepare and get fit for surfing 


wanna improve your surfing?

Feel fit? Get in shape? 


Join our SurfYoga classes 

Strengthen your core, get more flexible

and practice your surfmoves


Get inspired and improve your surfing.. 


This is the time to work on your surf moves! 

Prepare in winter and shine in summer. Join our surf-specific yoga classes.


Get more flexible


It's important to be flexible for surfing. Especially in your hips and your lower back. If you improve your mobility there, you'll improve your surfing for sure!


Listen to live piano music

with your meditation


Enjoy relaxing and inspiring tunes of our grand piano. We ll play live for your during the meditation. 


Practice your surf moves


We are not just going to do yoga on a mat. We ll add some specific surf exercises in there to improve your pop-up! With these classes you 'll fly over the waves. 


Enjoy the live, relaxing piano music with your meditation or savasana

We're not expensive, no worries!


We love teaching yoga and surfing and we re very happy to help you improve. 



A single Surf Yoga class

try it out for one time ;)


$ 15

Try it out one time and enjoy our class

Every monday at 18:30 

Location: Tesselsestraat, Den Haag 

Package deal

5 SurfYoga classes for only


$ 50

Real improvement in your surfing

More flexibility and strength

Every monday at 18:30

Get coaching from Natasha Smit


Natasha Smit is a Peak Performance Coach who inspires people to live a life full of passion, to master their emotions and to live up to their fullest potential.


She is a successful entrepreneur who holds inspirational events all over the world. She has a Bachelor and Masters degree in Sociology and played water polo for the Dutch national team. 


Natasha was able to manifest her dream life next to the beach after learning tools that enabled her to step into the most powerful version of herself.


She is a very experienced surf & yoga coach and she has been teaching surfing for more than 10 years.  Today Natasha is passionate about helping her clients to connect their innercore, to their true selves.  


To master their emotions and to connect to the best version of themselves so they can create a life full of passion and purpose.


Dozens of happy customers, and counting!


Collect and create happy people ⏤ that's our goal



Natasha is top, patient and she also pushes you to get the best out of yourself.  She looks at your potential and starts working from there. Her coaching is very accessible and I definitely recommend it. 


researcher/ advisor

Natasha is a very social lady, who takes the time for everybody. She adjusts her classes to the level of participant. My son did a class with her and he will come back for sure!