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NSP Elements Longboard 8'0

Rail: Full
Bottom: Single to double concave
Ideal waves: 1-6ft
Level:  Beginner – Expert

Dimensions: 8'0'' long, 22  wide, 2.75 thick

Volume: 56.9 liter

Fin System: Single Fin + FCS side bites

Fins included8" Centre Fin and 2 x FCS M3 Side Fins

Colour: White or navy 

This longboard has lots of volume, which makes it suitable to surf smaller waves. This is a longboard, that is perfect for beginners to improve their surfing, and on the same time more advanced people also really enjoy surfing these NSP longboards. 

New, sharper rails in the tail, a modern performance rocker combined with mellow V bottom, blended with a subtle double concave.

Why choose a longboard over shortboard or a fish?

Longboards are super cruisy and do not need a fast, powerful wave as the shortboard would. Longboards are also more fun and are not as physically demanding as the fish surfboards on small waves. The average longboard surfboard is best for smaller and weaker conditions.

NSP stands for New Surf Project. The NSP as a brand has gained success and rapid growth by producing high-quality surf gear at an affordable price tag. Another trustful fact that speaks for the brand is that many surf schools prefer their boards. I’m sure many beginner surfers have come across an NSP surfboard personally


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