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Tasha’s Surfcamp- dé Surfschool in Scheveningen

Over Tasha’s Surfcamp

Tasha’s Surfcamp

Tasha’s Surfcamp is founded by Natasha Smit, a Dutch surfer from Scheveningen. She has travelled the world, has surfed in many places like New Zealand, Indonesie and France, but she has decided to stay and live in Holland.

Backed by her own foundation she has created her own surfschool Tasha’s Surfcamp, with which she organizes surf classes in Scheveningen and surf holidays to Portugal, Morocco and France.

Tasha’s Surfcamp is about passion. Passion for surfing, for the ocean and for the people that we work with. We love surfing and we love teaching surfing. It’s not about performance, but its about having fun in the ocean. When you have fun, you will improve your surfing for sure. We work with small groups and we want to give personal attention to all of our clients. 

Our Team

Natasha Smit

Natasha Smit loves everything in the ocean: Sailing, surfing, swimming and kitesurfing. She has been surfing for 20 years and she has travelled the world for it. After a professional water polo career Natasha decided to dedicate her life into surfing and she has been teaching surfing for 10 years now.

She worked with different surfschools in Scheveningen (Hartbeach), France (Pura Vida) and even in Morocco. After working at so many different places she decided to create her own surfschool to give more personal and quality surf classes. She is fluent in English, Dutch, French and German and she loves to be in contact with her students.

ISA Level 1 qualified + life guard. Also partly passed ISA Surf coaching Level 2.

Kasper Groeneveld

Kasper Groeneveld is one of our most experienced instructors. He grew up in Scheveningen and he has been surfing for more than 20 years. He is very talented in sports in general and as a little kid his life focused around soccer (voetbal). He even played for the knvb selection team of Rotterdam and became captain of the team. Later on he got scouted by Feyenoord. Then his life took a different angle and Kasper fell in love with surfing. He loves to teach advanced and beginners surfclasses and he takes his work very seriously. In the past he gave surf classes for Hartbeach and also the Pura Vida, in France. We are grateful to have Kasper in our team.

ISA Level 1 qualified + life guard.

Tey Bontemps

Tey Bontemps comes from Maastricht and still has a small Limburgian accent, but he moved to Scheveningen about 7 years ago. He loves surfing and he has spent many summers in Mimizan, France. Tey is a very social guy and he loves to give beginners surfclasse. He is relaxed and its very hard to make him angry. Tey has been Natasha’s flatmate for 4 years and they know each other very well.

ISA Level 1 qualified + life guard.

Ewout Ahling

Ewout Jesper Ahling has four passions: Surfing, food, wine and volleyball. He is one of the most social guys that I know and it is really hard to get him pissed off. Next to his surf skill he is also a volleybal trainer and he puts those qualities in his surf classes. He loves travelling and combines that often with surfing. Besides, Ewout is a teacher at the Hogere hotelschool and he loves teaching.

ISA Level 1 qualified + life guard.

Reinier den Oudsten

Reinier den Oudsten is our handy man. He can fix, create, repair everything with his hands. He works at the Technische Universiteit in Delft and he also loves to surf. Reinier started to surf about 2 years ago and he fell in love with the sport. He is crazy about the sport and his enthousiasm will motivate you to put even more effort in it. Reinier also loves other interesting stuff like the cold water training and Qigong.

Bram Buesink

Bram Buesink’s life revolves around sports and he can’t imagine to live without it. He practiced thirteen different sports like breakdancing and cricket! When he was 11 years old he started with bodyboarding and at the age of 13 his nephew gave him a surfboard. Bram fell in love with the sport. After surfing for 10 years he got his ISA license and started teaching. He has been a teach now for ten years and he puts a lot of passion in his classes. He is alsof a fitness and a snowboard instructor, he loves nature, good food and traveling.


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