People often say to me. Tas, how come do you have so much energy? And why are you often so positive..
Well.. That doesn’t come out of nowhere. From doing nothing.

I had a time, a few years back, when I didn’t like what I was doing at all. I was just trying to follow up all the deadlines from the newspaper and writing stories, that didn’t fulfill me. So in the morning I often woke up without energy for the day. Feeling, grumpy, unfulfilled, you might recognize that.

So what changed? After following an inspiration game of career coach Vivienne Weerts I started doing what I liked more: coaching and inspiring people. With surfing, yoga, cold water trainings and personal development. I started training you guys! I love to see people grow, struggle and then grow even more from there.

It fills me up when I see somebody struggling in the surf, not being able to stand up on the board.. and the next moment it clicks, and she is gliding down the line and riding the wave. With a big smile on here face.
So what’s the secret of all that energy and positive vibes. There are a few and I ‘ll give you a glance:
  1. Doing what you like. Follow your passions, do the stuff that fills you up on the inside.
  2. Living a healthy lifestyle. Take care of your body, eat healthy and sport often. It’s an open door, but it’s true 😉
  3. Morning rituals! Start your day in a positive way with lots of energy. Or slow, but filling yourself up from the inside. I like to do yoga, meditation and sports. Or playing the piano.
  4. Write down your intentions. Every day. What do you like to get out of this day? How do you want to feel? And what do you want to accomplish? And make sure that some of these intentions are also connected to your dreams..
Well that’s it for now. Enjoy your day!
Next Wednesday at 20:00 we ll organize another free master class about Gaining positive energy and purpose in your life. Would be great if you join us