natasha Smit

Some personal insights

Today I got a really useful insight, that I like to share with you guys. It might be useful for you as well..

I went back to that trainer, that I thought was really harsh before.. You might remember, if you read a few stories back.

In the first encounter with him (in a group session) I didn’t feel safe. Because of his hostile and harsh approach. Later I realized that I was also triggered in something myself. So we talked about it. How can you stay calm and open when you feel triggered like that? In your head and your body?

  1. Feel. How do you feel? How does it make you feel?

I felt tension, insecure, vulnerable, etc.

  1. Do you allow yourself to feel that way?

Yes I do. I want to feel, be alive in every sense of life.

  1. Does feeling those feelings bring you closer to yourself or do you prefer to push them away?

I prefer to be closer to myself. So I want to feel all those feelings. Even if it’s difficult.

Second realization. Which I made during that training and was very powerful.

  1. Life = a play ground. And I can play in the play ground.

This made the whole situation much easier to handle. And it gave me the chance to play, be open. I learned this from Els van Noorduyn when I was younger and played water polo on top level. I saw the matches as play grounds in which I could play.

  1. Express what you feel. How the situation makes you feel.

That’s what I did with the trainer. It created a bridge between us and created this level of trust. Instead of putting up those walls, I was able to let them down and have an open and honest conversation. Beautiful.

Well, I m not sure if this helps you. But I thought that it was very powerful.

Enjoy the sun! Enjoy your day : )

cheers Natasha