Dancing with your emotions

Often I feel like this powerful woman, who can do anything. or at least most of the time. In being an entrepreneur of doing sports I don’t feel a lot of fears. or in travelling neither.
And then yet sometimes there are these moments when I get touched, swept of my feet or I am just insecure. And I feel all these emotions inside of me.
So how do you dance with your emotions?
How do you process them, deal with them or maybe just let them be?
My first reaction was to push them away. Feeling scared? Oeff, I don’t want that.
And that works for a little while until it comes back right?
So last sunday, when I was lying in bed.. Awake from 2am until 5 am thinking about all kind of things. I started writing down how I felt.
I feel scared because of this… and that makes me feel like this.
I feel some restlessness in my belly. Okay. But I also feel a sense of peace.
I feel insecure because of these.. Oh and that also makes me feel like this.
And after writing that all down, I actually felt much more at ease and a sense of peace inside of me. I felt through my emotions, inside of pushing them away.
So what was the big lesson in here?
Actually something that Juriaan Galavazi said the other time.
We feel like we want to be in control and often we are.
But we cannot always be in control. That’s impossible.
so how would it be if we are just okay with those emotions being there?
Accepting the fact that you are scared, insecure, etc. And can you feel through that?
Can you let it be?
Out of my insecurity I felt the urge to want be in control.
To be controlling maybe also to the other person. But I don’t want to be controlling…
I want the other person to be free and to live in a flow.
I want to live in flow. In flow with my emotions and to be dancing with the waves of life.
I hope this inspire you guys to dance with your emotions.
Just a little bit.. And to let them be.
Enjoy your day!
xx Natash