After the whole pandemic and covid I felt quite low in energy. I gained a few kilo’s and I didn’t feel like myself. Instead of letting it go, I decided to take back control..
As a former athlete I like to be fit and healthy. and I want to have enough energy to go surfing right. To surf well. That’s one of my goals ;)
Sooo… This week I m sportfasting. 10 days, of not a lot of food, more juices and also doing sports on the same time. At a low heart rate.. but still.
To be honest this mostly mentally a challenge. To sit on the crosstrainer for 1 hour, inside, and to do that. And to stay on top mentally, even though I might be low on energy.
So this morning I did my training for an hour. Crosstraining while listening to up tempo music.. And half way I switched to some motivation speaking of Tony Robbins.
About getting fit and healthy. yes we are! haha
So I don’t want to encourage you all to go sportfasting. This is something that I m trying out for the second time and I m also doing this under professional guidance. It’s quite a hardcore way to do it.
But what are you doing to gain your energy back? To get back in shape after 2 years of corona shizzle? Are you eating healthy, do you go outside, are you doing any sports?
think about it. Now is the time to get back in shape.
To have fun and to get back in shape for your next surftrip.
To get your ass to the beach and to go surfing..
haha sorry I realize this is piece is written in a very sporty, go go go way.
Next time it will be more spiritual and contemplation allright?
Enjoy your weekend! and get some surf in. Waves are coming ;)