A layer deeper

Yesterday we organized the workshop Surfing & the Cold. We had a small group of 8 people, but I loved it.
I feels as a such a privilege to go that layer deeper that you normally do. To give more than just a surf or yoga class. To really feel into your body, to feel the energy inside, the connection to nature, the ocean and to yourself. To stretch yourself out, to relax and flex your body and to really get into the flow. The surf flow and the yoga flow. It’s such a good combination of yin and yang.
The waves were small yesterday. And still it was such a beautiful, sunny day on the beach. I am so happy that we are back at our homespot at strandslag 8, right in the middle of nature, next to the dunes.
Learning to surf is not only about standing on your board. Sure, you want to learn that and I get that. But the whole process before is just as important. To find the balance on your board, to paddle, to select the waves and to be mobile enough to move around and to pick any wave you want to take. People forget that, but it might be one of the most important parts that you need to learn in the surf.
Suzanne Krug helped out yesterday as a travel guide, upcoming surf coach. I remember putting that ad out a couple of weeks ago and she responded to it. Yes! she was exactly the girl and personality that I had in mind. Isn’t a tight community a wonderful thing? Thank you for all your support Suus!
And last but not least. We already sold 31 (!) tickets for our Opening Beach Party :)) at 9 april..
Whoopp! It’s going to be so much fun! Don’t for get to get your ticket on time.
big hug,
from a not sleeping Tassie