Learn to play with the cold..

Those dark winter nights.. Dealing with the cold, rain and the Dutch weather…

Hmmmm How do you deal with the cold? What’s your relationship with winter? I remember a time when I hated the winter. I crawled up in front of the fire and I wanted nothing than to escape to warm countries. I felt lonely, cold and not at home.

But by following several Wim Hof & Tony Robbins workshops I learned to change my mindset. To embrace the cold and to go out surfing anyway! despite the bad weather.

Because you know what? Surfing, even in winter, still makes me feel alive! It lightens up my soul. By connecting to the ocean, I connect to myself.

And with the yoga I go inside, listen to my body.. I learn to surf the innerwaves.

I like to teach you how to surf in winter. To embrace the cold and to love the winter months.

To feel the energy of the ocean, the power of the waves and to connect with your inner core.

To connect to your inner you.. That part of you that wants love and attention..

Come and join our workshop Surfing & the Cold..

Our next workshops are on the 27th of november and the 3rd of december.

I d love to see you there!

cheers Natasha