Surfing and exploring Simeulue gave me the opportunity to spend a week at the Mahi Mahi resort at Simeulue. To spend a week in tropical paradise and to surf some of the best waves around! One word: wow! Imagine to wake up in an air-conditioned room to open the doors at your balcony and to look at one of the best surf breaks in the area.

In Holland we surf on cold, sloppy beach breaks and here I have the opportunity to surf in warm water of 28 degrees Celcius and to surf on some glassy, sometimes heavy reef breaks. And don’t forget the palm trees on the background or the white sand. It is pretty fun to be in the water and to have a view at the tropical forest when you are waiting for the waves.

This morning I got up early (around 07.00) and I was able to surf the break for myself for about 40 minutes. I was the only one to sit one the right handers and I was able to catch a few nice waves. Isn’t it amazing to surf in tropical water and to relax after that, while you are looking at the surf. After my surf I got a nice and healthy breakfast, which is served every morning by the crew of Mahi Mahi. Oatmeal- banana pancakes with fresh fruit (pineapple, papaya and water melon!) on top of it. With a fresh dragon fruit juice and a cup of tea aside. That is very fulfilling when you have just surfed for 2 hours.

The food at Mahi Mahi is amazing. Every morning, afternoon and evening they serve a great meal. With some nice nasi, chicken, fresh fish and fresh vegetables. You won’t be starving if you stay at the Mahi Mahi resort. Far from that! It’s so nice to get a good meal after a long surf. There is almost nothing better than that.

Besides from the surf we have also made a trip to the jungle. Together with two local guys and Alia, a girl from Hawaii, we went bird watching. We saw a few birds (a wood pecker), but for me, the most special were the trees. I have never been in a tropical jungle like that and it is definitely worth checking out. It’s so green! And you see so many different trees, flowers, butterfly’s and other animals! Did you know there’s more than one type of bamboo? I didn’t.

Besides the beautiful nature and the great surf you need to meet some of the local people of Simeulue. I can be hard to communicate with them if you don’t speak Indonesian. But with a few words, a nice smile and some gestures you come far! Especially the kids love to play with foreigners and if you walk around or make a roadtrip on your scooter along the coast you get a nice hello from everyone. At Simeulue there are no people who are trying to sell you something or at least they don’t hassle you. That makes it really easy to walk around here and to just enjoy your holiday.


The photo’s are made by : Matthews Alexander Williams & Natasha Smit